Here is an example of how your student will spend the first workshop day:


Group Discussion

  • Introductions
  • Review The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Handbook
  • Set individual college goals
  • GPA activity - What sets you apart? What type of student are you?
  • The Fit - What factors are you looking for in a college?
  • Guided brainstorming for the personal statement (the major college essay for the Common Application)

Individualized Student Consultations

  • Initial sustained writing of personal statement college essay



Group Discussions

  • What does the personal statement say about me?

Individualized Student Consultations

  • Personal statement writing / recommendations for revising
  • Developing the college list


  • Revision of personal statement
  • A list of ideas for the activity essay (an additional college essay on the Common Application)
  • A first draft of the activity essay

We ask that each student come equipped with a laptop, a flash drive, an activity sheet, ideas for a personal statement, and plenty of enthusiasm. For the Admission Assurance Workshop, The Ivy Coach will supply lunch and a snack. Students are responsible for their own hotel and travel arrangements if necessary.

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