Why should my student participate in The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop?
Over the past 20 years from working with students, we know that seniors can be particularly overwhelmed as they try to balance academics and extracurricular activities. Add to this mix the need to focus on the college application process, and you can have one stressed-out teenager. By participating in The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop, our students enter their senior year feeling confident, organized, and well prepared to tackle the college admissions process.
How is The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop different from others?

While other programs hire recent college graduates to work with students, Bev Taylor, Founder of The Ivy Coach was a college counselor in a public high school for 12 years where she worked with 240 students, including 80 seniors every year, helping each student achieve success in the college admissions process. For the past 20 years, as an expert college admissions consultant, Bev Taylor has conducted college admissions seminars in the US and abroad, has attended regional and national college admissions conferences, and has been frequently quoted in the press on the college admissions process.

Through speaking engagements on the college admissions process, she has developed relationships with college deans of admission and has visited over 600 colleges and universities. The Ivy Coach's track record of college admissions success also sets us apart from other college consulting companies. In the past 20 years, 100% of The Ivy Coach's students have gained acceptance at their top three college choices, and 93% of our students have been accepted at their first choice.

What will students have accomplished at the end of The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop?
At the end of two days, our students will have completed a powerful college application and will have written two college essays that highlight their strengths. For the Common Application, one college essay will be the personal statement and the other will be about a significant extracurricular activity. In addition, students will have written a comprehensive and detailed activity sheet highlighting their talents, interests, awards, and the quality of their involvements. They will know how to answer college interview questions and will be prepared with a list of questions to ask the interviewer. Students will have a logistical, strategic game plan and a timeline for the college admissions process. This plan will include a list of appropriate colleges including a range of reach, possible, and likely schools.
As a parent, what if I have questions?
Prior to the beginning and again at the conclusion of the workshop, parents and their student will have the opportunity for a total of two hours of phone conferences with The Ivy Coach. The initial conference will focus on the student's interests and goals and together we will compile a list of appropriate colleges, a combination of reaches, possibles, and likelies. At the completion of the workshop, the parents and their student will have another opportunity to converse with us. During this scheduled conference, we will discuss the student's work. At this time, suggestions and recommendations will be made.
How is each day of The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop structured?
Each day of The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop will focus on particular aspects of the college admissions process. In groups and individually, we will help students brainstorm college essays and refine activity sheets. Each day, there are sessions where the student will be writing and revising college essays, and we will be conducting mock interviews. We will also work with each student individually on every aspect of the college application. We will meet daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and we will cater lunch so that no time is lost. There will also be assignments due on the first and second day so that the students are prepared for the work that needs to be accomplished.
Who will advise my child?
Throughout the workshop, your student will work directly with Bev Taylor, Founder of The Ivy Coach.
How many students will you accept for each workshop?
Our limit is three students per workshop.
What will my child do during the hours that he/she is not attending The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop, and who will be supervising my child outside of the scheduled workshop hours?
The Ivy Coach can only be responsible for the students between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., the period of our program each day. Students will have free time after 5:00 p.m., but a good deal of that time will be spent on completing assignments that are due the following day.
If my child attends The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop will he/she be guaranteed acceptance at the college of his/her choice?
While we cannot guarantee acceptance to the college of your student's choice, for the past 20 years 100% of our students have been accepted at one of their top three college choices, and 93% have been accepted at their first choice. However, because we know how successful our students are in the college admissions process, based on your child's transcript, standardized test scores, and extracurricular involvements, we will guarantee acceptance to at least one college on your child's Admission Assurance list. If for any reason your child is not accepted to any of the suggested colleges to which he or she has applied, we will refund your Admission Assurance Workshop fee.
What are some of the colleges to which The Ivy Coach's students have been accepted?
Below is a list of colleges to which The Ivy Coach's students have been admitted in the last five years:

Amherst College
Babson College
Barnard College
Bentley University
Boston College
Boston University
Bowdoin College
Brandeis University
Brown University
Bryn Mawr College
Bucknell University
California Institute of Technology
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
Claremont McKenna College
Colby College
Colgate University
Columbia University
Connecticut College
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Davidson College
Duke University
Emory University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
Haverford College
Indiana University
Johns Hopkins University
Lawrence University
Lehigh University
Macalester College
Manhattan School of Music
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Middlebury College
Muhlenberg College
New York University
Northwestern University
Pomona College
Princeton University
Reed College
Rice University
Stanford University
Swarthmore College
The George Washington University
Trinity College
Tufts University
Tulane University
Union College
US Military Academy, West Point
University of California - Berkeley
University of California - Los Angeles
University of Chicago
University of Michigan
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
University of Virginia
Vassar College
Vanderbilt University
Villanova University
Wake Forest University
Washington University (St. Louis, MO)
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Williams College
Yale University

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