The goal of the Admission Assurance Workshop is for students to have a completed Common Application (including 2 college essays and an activity sheet) and the direction and confidence they need for college admission success. Our program is both intensive and comprehensive, enabling us to help students condense a process that can often take weeks or months into two powerful days.

Students who participate in the Admission Assurance Workshop gain:

  • An approved list of at least 12 colleges. Our expert college consultants will help your student select colleges that best match their credentials, education, interests and goals.
  • Outstanding college essays. We will help your student brainstorm topics and craft a college activity essay and a compelling personal statement. These college essays will complete the college essay section of the Common Application.
  • College interviewing skills. For a young person, going on college interviews can be a very stressful situation. We alleviate that stress by helping students become familiar with questions they might be asked, and teaching them how to best articulate their answers. We also help students come up with questions to ask interviewers and coach them on other ways of demonstrating interest.
  • A meaningful college activity sheet. Using the elements of each student's activities, including honors and awards, extracurricular activities that include volunteer, summer and work experience, we guide each student in developing a college activity sheet that will make an outstanding and unique impression on college admissions counselors.
  • A plan for college admission success. In addition to all of the above, we help students complete the questions on the Common Application, advise them on ways to obtain more effective letters of recommendation, and assist them in formulating a plan for any future standardized tests.

The Admission Assurance Workshop offers your student all of these advantages, plus the benefit of our unmatched college admissions expertise and Admission Assurance Guarantee.

The fee for The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop is $15,500

Your student has only one opportunity to be successful at the college admissions process. The Admission Assurance Workshop guarantees that success, while alleviating the stress of the process from the family and providing students with the expert support they need at this critical time.

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