Get the advantage that guarantees college admission.

While GPA and standardized test scores are significant factors in the admissions process, it's not all about the numbers. Students who attend Admission Assurance Workshop will receive the most current information on college admission trends and on the qualities that colleges are seeking in prospective students.

With our expertise, we help students compile a list of at least 12 appropriate colleges, complete the Common Application (including two college essays and a meaningful activity sheet), learn college interviewing skills, how to obtain more effective letters of recommendation, and how to develop a strategic standardized tests plan.

The first step towards college admission success is appropriate school selection. At the Admission Assurance Workshop, we start by helping students construct an approved list of universities based on compatibility with their interests, goals, personality, courses, grades, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities.

Over the years, The Ivy Coach has visited over 600 colleges so we are well acquainted with the unique cultures and programs offered. Just as important, we know what individual colleges are looking for in a prospective student.

At the Admission Assurance Workshop, we give students the expert college consulting they need to develop powerful applications. We know what it takes to craft relevant, compelling college admissions essays, and we know how to avoid the pitfalls that can diminish the impact of an essay. We also provide the expert direction students need to craft an activity sheet that showcases their accomplishments.

Every student who attends the Admission Assurance Workshop will leave with college essays and an activity sheet that are sure to stand out from the stack.

The process of college interviewing can be especially stressful for young people. The Ivy Coach provides expert counseling and interviewing tips. With our mock college interviews, students can participate in alumni (or campus) interviews with confidence; they will know what questions to expect and how best to answer those questions.

Students will also learn what types of questions to ask their interviewers, and they will be coached on techniques to demonstrate interest in the specific college they are interviewing for. They will confidently approach each college interview knowing that they are going to make a lasting and positive impression.

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The Ivy Coach Admission Assurance Workshop gives college-bound students the advantage they need, to become the candidates that college admissions counselors are seeking. This intensive, two-day weekend workshop offers your student expert personal college consulting in university selection. Students will craft a meaningful activity sheet, we will help them brainstorm and develop college essays and significantly improve their college interviewing skills. All the while, our college consulting will provide students with insight into the college admissions process and how it works.

In the last 20 years, 100% of The Ivy Coach's students were accepted to one of their top three approved college choices, and 93% were accepted to their first choice. This is why only the Admission Assurance Workshop offers you the comfort of our Admission Assurance Guarantee of acceptance success. Together with the student, we will select 12 appropriate college choices and if the student doesn't get into any of the 12 universities that we approve, you will get your money back in full. Your student has only one opportunity to get accepted at the college of his or her choice. The Admission Assurance Workshop makes the most of this opportunity.


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